Progress to our monthly donation goal
You must sign in through steam in order to donate for a VIP Slot.
You can donate to help cover our running costs and in return we will give you what we can!
- ($5) US1 - King Of The Hill No 1944
- ($5) US2 - King Of The Hill No Jets
- ($5) US3 - King Of The Hill No Towers
- ($5) US4 - King Of The Hill Infantry
- ($10) UK1 - Stratis Wasteland
- ($10) UK2 - Chernarous Wasteland
- ($10) EU1 - King Of The Hill 1944
- ($10) EU2 - King Of The Hill Infantry
- ($10) Private Teamspeak Channel
- ($10) All US Servers (One Month)
- ($25) All UK/EU Servers (One Month)
- ($30) All Servers (One Month)
- ($35) All US Servers Permanently
- ($45) All UK/EU Servers Permanently
- ($55) All US and UK/EU Servers Permanently

Doing rapid updates for Malden Servers. Every Few min
- Donations may take up to 24 hours to process (Usually less than 15 minutes).
- All donations last a maximum of 30 days, unless the permanent option is chosen.
- If you break any rules you will be subject to losing your donation benefits.
- Due to the nature of donations. No refunds.

What are priority slots?
Priority slots do not function like reserved slots. If the server is full (70/80 players) no one can join unless they are a priority player. When a priority player joins the server, he/she takes up one of the priority slots until a regular player leaves and frees up a regular slot, at this point the priority player is moved into that slot automatically, freeing up the priority slot again. If for whatever reason all 10 priority slots are full then no one can join regardless of account status.

How Does it Work?
The Vip Slot is based on your GUID that we pull automatically from steam when you log in. After PayPal payment is complete our system gets pinged and your idenfication is pushed to the server.

Can I donate without anything in return?
Yes! If you have already donated for a slot this month but want to donate more just click the button below!
Donate VIA PayPal (No Reward)
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